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La Française



The book of Ph. Daryl, La Vélocipédie Pour Tous, from 1892, introduces to a bicycle La Française among the first bicycles with frames. 

It is thus a very old mark having contributed to the rise of the bicycle.

This mark also produced cars and motor cycles.


Post drawn by Pal

Affiche 1895 par Pal
Post from 1895 drawn by Pal

Post drown by Ch. Brun

In 1901, Maurice Garin wins Paris-Brest-Paris on a bicycle La Française.

In 1911, La Française wins Paris-Brest-Paris again with Emile Georget and will create a poster illustrating this doubled victories for a race which took place, at that time, once every ten years.

In 1903, Maurice Garin wins the first Tour de France on a bicycle La Française of black color and to tricolour head. The 5 first of this Tour de France 1903 race on bicycles La Française.

Post, from 1905, drawn by Guillet.


In 1909 in Copenhagen, V. Dupre is indoor world champion, in speed professionals category, on bicycle La Française.

Affiche 1900

After the First World War, in 1919, La Française will form part of the consortium La Sportive, regrouping  French marks including Peugeot, Hurtu, Alcyon, Automoto, Griffon, Liberator, Labor, Gladiator, Clément, Armor, Thomann.

In 1923 the Alcyon company purchases La Française but will continue to produce bicycles of the mark.


One will see the mark on race until 1955.

It is also present at the Brussels exhibition of 1956 as the photograph testifies some below.

Salon Bruxelles 1956


The Marks: