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At the beginning of the 20th century, the bicycle was a very important object in the life of much of people. It made it possible to move more quickly and further than walking for those which could not treat to a horse, a motor cycle or a car, all three inaccessible for a workman.

There was, at the same time, a passion for the cyclist races which contributed to the progression of the already flourishing bicycle business. I listed about thousand different marks, whose majority are French because my research is done starting from France, and I discover news of them regularly. All these marks, which they result from workshops of production or simple retailers, constitute a richness and an important diversity of manufacture and are an inexhaustible pleasure for in love with the bicycle.

Les cyclistes du PCThis beginning of the 20th century was also very rich in technical research and innovations. Some systems are still used today like the derailleur and others fell into the lapse of memory after one more or less long marketing period. It is only one very small part of all that which is presented on this site, but I hope that you will like these "selected pieces" and will give you the desire for knowing some more. Perhaps that by  knowing better the ancestors of your VTT or any other bicycle of leisure, you will have a  new look of it. There is, indeed, an important difference between the past bicycles which  belonged to the every day life and the today bicycles which are leisure bicycles. The  motor cycle initially, then the car replaced the bicycle for displacements.

The majority of my bicycles were preserved in their original state but I had to repaint some of them. Indeed I cannot resist to give one second life to those which are completely rusted and whose origin painting is definitively lost. But in this case, what a work for all to dismount, clean, paint, lubricate and go up!!!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have information on marks presented or other objects in connection with the bicycle. In the same way if you have questions which I can perhaps answer, contact me.

Tonton Vélo

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