The Marks:




We can see this mark for the first time in the Tour de France of 1914. With 1920 to 1923, it equips the famous VCL (Vélo Club de Levallois), seedbed of great champions directed by Paul Ruinart. But in 1924, Paul Ruinart leaves Alleluia for the Olympique cycles.

In 1922 Alleluia, with its team of professional racers, wins the Polymultipliée de Chanteloup with bicycles equipped with 3 speeds BSA hubs.

The firm goes bankrupt in September 1931. It is announced whereas Australian Opperman has just winned Paris-Brest-Paris with the sprint! It thus learns with the arrival that its premium will not be versed for him.

Opperman à Pontchartrain
Opperman, before being joined, passes the first at Pontchartrain.

Opperman à l'arrivée
In the arrival, Opperman kissed by its wife.

Salon Paris 1955
However if the firm went bankrupt in 1931, the mark continued to exist since it still exposes in 1955 to the Salon du Cycle of Paris. Like the other big cycle companies, Alleluia in 1955, produced bicycles and motor cycles.

The Marks: